Sunderland Point

Positioned on the edge of Morecambe Bay between the River Lune and the Irish Sea, Sunderland Point is intriguing and unusual. Walking along the Point, a strong sense of place emerges – of mudflats, marsh, of river and sea.

This small peninsula is cut off twice daily by the incoming tide, creating a perfect environment for wildlife. Watch for wading birds foraging in the mudflats or flocking together in their spectacular aerial display.

Sunderland Point is unique, as twice daily the tide cuts off access to its two terraces of housing. Once a community of farmers and fishermen, it enjoyed a period of prosperity as an ‘out port’ for Lancaster. Also a cotton port for Lancaster in the 18th century, there is still evidence of Sunderland Point’s former days, including the well-known ‘Cotton Tree’ (which sadly fell during storms in 1998) and Sambo’s Grave, the grave of an African slave who died there in 1736 – a poignant reminder of the slave trade and the area’s maritime and trade history.

Many of the private houses are Grade II Listed buildings, several of which once stored rum, tobacco and cotton. Sunderland Point also featured in the TV drama The Ruby in the Smoke which starred Billie Piper and Julie Walters in 2006.