Family Activities at Home

Whilst many of our family-friendly venues and attractions across the district are closed, now is the time to experience some of their online content.



Lakeland Wildlife Oasis lakeland

  • Meet an ‘A-Z’ of amazing animals with Wildlife Oasis, and see them being fed and cared for by their keepers via Facebook Live stream!
  • *YOUR ZOO NEEDS YOU* To help Lakeland pay for the care of their animals, any donation, big or small, will help. With over 100 species at the zoo, that’s a lot of food, medicine and bedding that these animals need to keep them healthy and warm every day! If you can help, please donate here or email Thank you.


Williamson Park

will park

Williamson Park’s 54 acres of beautiful parkland offer breathtaking views across to Morecambe Bay. Inside the park you’ll find the Ashton Memorial, plus a tropical Butterfly House and Mini-Zoo with Mini-Beast and Bird Enclosures and a small mammal section with some very popular meerkats!




Lancaster City Museum



  • Get creative with Lancaster City Museum’s A Night in the Museum 

“We’re going to be closing in a moment. Please could you make your way downstairs”, said the museum lady.
“Okay”, I mumbled. I just wanted to finish reading the story about how the Roman tombstone had been found.
All of a sudden the lights went out and I was plunged into darkness; I had been locked in! 

Can you write us a story – what happened on YOUR night locked in the museum?

Share your story on the museum’s Facebook page or email it to:



Lancaster Maritime Museum




Lancaster and Morecambe College

l and m

  • Over the next few weeks, L&M College’s Tackling Inactivity Team will be encouraging students, staff and the wider community to remain active during this period of staying at home.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for videos of the team getting creative with fitness routines, games for the family and fun challenges to get involved in. Here’s Adam, introducing the project: