Spotlight on Archers Cafe

Archers Cafe is based at Red Bank Farm overlooking Morecambe Bay and across the Lakeland hills.

Meals range from homemade soups, lamb burgers made with our very own salt marsh lamb and Morecambe Bay potted shrimps. All whilst surrounded by beautiful countryside perfect for walking, cycling or just to sit and enjoy!

We spoke with owner Alan Archer and here’s what he has to share.


How would you describe Archers Cafe in a line or two?
We are a family run Café at Red Bank Farm, based on the shoreline of Morecambe Bay, offering Traditional Home-made Cakes and lunches made with produce from the Farm as well as supporting other local quality suppliers.


What was the inspiration behind starting Archers Cafe?
Archers was created as a result of us needing to diversify to support the farm and allowed us to use the produce and skills we had to good use!

After the foot and mouth disaster in the early 2000’s the farming industry was on its knees. We had to look around and think about our surroundings and the produce we had and how we could utilise them to their full potential.

Having a disused Lambing shed and amazing Salt-Marsh Lamb reared on the shore, we married the two together and created Archer’s!


What was Archers Cafe like in the early days?
Back when we opened in March 2009 none of the family had any catering experience. We were just very passionate amateur cooks, we had to learn fast and on the job. We would spend hours practising recipe’s in the evenings after our day shifts.

The cakes were developed mainly by the late great Mrs Mavis Archer, who had attended Blackpool Catering College in the 1950’s and as a farmer’s wife spent her life feeding hungry farm workers. Mavis then went on to pursue her passion of making Wedding cakes for local couples in the 1980’s.

How has Archers Cafe evolved over the years?
Archers started off as a small family business with some days no customers at all due to us being off the beaten track with no passing trade!  (If you are coming to Archer’s then you are coming to Archer’s the road ends here.)

We have gone from just family to a staff of 16.  We learned the hard way with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.


What are we excited about in the months and years ahead?

After all we have learned over the last 14 years, ultimately all we want is to strive and offer the best we can. We are always experimenting in creating new dishes, and hopefully making coming to Archers an enjoyable experience. We set our standards by applying the measure of what we would like and how we would like to be treated when visiting a café or restaurant.


Now that you can once again return to our beloved high streets, please remember to support and shop local.

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