holding hands

Presented in partnership with Lancaster Jazz Festival

holding hands is a new octet co-led by two Norwich musicians – trumpeter Chris Dowding and saxophonist Rob Milne. Divided equally between Norwich and London, the octet features some of the most exciting improvisers in the UK, including saxophonist Dee Byrne (Entropi), trombonist Raph Clarkson (World Service Project) and tuba player Ben Higham (Brass Monkeys).

Chris and Rob’s writing for the octet explores the political and cultural relationship between the UK and the US orchestrating audio samples from prominent figures and there’s room for compositions from the rest of the band too. The music explores lush brass textures and minimalist vibraphone patterns, merged together by electronic offerings from across the group

More at: www.holdinghands.uk and www.holdinghandsuk.bandcamp.com.

The line-up is:

Chris Dowding (trumpet)

Raph Clarkson (trombone & electronics)

Dee Byrne (alto sax & electronics)

Rob Milne (tenor sax & bass clarinet)

Ben Higham (tuba)

Martin Pyne (vibraphone)

Mark Howe (samples, electronics & guitar)

Andrew Lisle (drums)

This Arts Council funded tour will include a newly commissioned piece with visuals ‘Critical Time’. Support comes in the form of a solo set by Maja Bugge. Come and catch their UK tour!

The seating is set out to ensure you’ll be socially-distanced and we will be following full Government guidelines for social distancing, hospitality and cleaning procedures before and between performances.


Please note that performances may be amended or cancelled according to government restrictions – please check before attending.

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