Leaping Frog

THEATRE ROTTO brings us – a new puppet adventure following the journey of GOGGLES a jaunty wood frog who leaps unsuspecting from Little Pond into – BIG Pond! Here on a hair raising ride down Running River she encounters – Beardo the Bullrush, Mr Fisher the Heron – and Honk the Spotted Skunk in Wide Awake Wood where icy Winter lurks.

This charismatic and visual show directed by Samuel Dutton is accompanied with live music and percussion from Chris Embury and storytelling and puppets by Julia Dunbar McLean. Along the way LEAPING FROG takes children on a natural history journey in a series of tantalising visual scenes created by Peter Quinnell.
“Lovely – the children were mesmerized from beginning to end!”

LEAPING FROG lasts 45 minutes and will enchant young accompanied children from 3 upwards with the chance to see the puppets after.

The Platform, Wednesday 27th May, 2:30pm

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