Spotlight on Morecambe Bay Chowder Co

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Morecambe Bay Chowder Co is a family business serving delicious food celebrating the produce of Morecambe Bay.

Morecambe Bay Chowder Co aims to provide customers with a fun and rustic dining experience without causing any harm to our environment.

We spoke with founder and chef Pete Stephenson and here’s what they have to share.


How would you describe Morecambe Bay Chowder Co in a line or two?
We serve BayChowder, a seafood dish that celebrates the produce of Morecambe Bay. We will be different because we will serve from a solar-powered catering bike.


What was the inspiration behind starting Morecambe Bay Chowder Co?
When I moved to the area 10 years ago I was amazed by the quality of the fish & chips and seafood available in our local restaurants!  I have family on the west coast of North America and have experienced how their coastal cultures are celebrated through unique chowder dishes.

Chowder, I believe, originated from our shores – so wanted to work with local producers to create our own dish which can be enjoyed by the local community and visitors to the area.  As for the bike, the technology will allow us to serve our food hot whilst keeping the air around us clean.


What was Morecambe Bay Chowder Co like in the early days?
I wasn’t sure that anybody would be interested in the idea, to be honest. After getting some feedback, I found lots of local people were either really enthusiastic about it or at least willing to try our dish!

How has Morecambe Bay Chowder Co evolved over the years?
I hope it’s evolving from an idea to a plan and will continue to evolve going forward. We’re still very much in the early days and are so grateful to the community for supporting us.  Between them, they have raised nearly £3000 to fund the catering bike!


What are you excited about in the months and years ahead?
We are so excited to get out in the months ahead and start serving our customers! We hope they experience consistently great local food and a memorable experience when they visit us. Beyond that, there are many ideas, but we are very much focused on the present.


What is your signature dish?
BayChowder served in a bread bowl.




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