Promenade (Everybody’s Free) Audio Walks

Angel Club (north) present a series of audio journeys along Morecambe’s magnificent sea front. Featuring the stories of local residents and an evocative electronic score, Promenade (Everybody’s Free) is designed to keep our minds and bodies active with every step.


Promenade started out as a conversation during the Covid 19 lockdown of Summer 2020 and transformed into a unique project that is part audio tour, part step-workout and part musical journey. The tracks are free to download, share, explore and celebrate your surroundings.


The two walks start from the RE-STORE in Yorkshire Street West  to the Stone Jetty which should take 40 minutes and cover 4500 steps, and More Music in Devonshire Road to Heysham Barrows, a longer, faster  stroll of 70 minutes and 8000 steps.


The walks are designed to be a genuine exercise, whether that be as a one-off experience or as a daily ritual. For people who are less confident with the pace, there is also a version without the beat. On each track, along with some local voices, you will also be accompanied by the voice of Angel Club (north) who will give you instructions as to where to go and what to consider. Be sure to listen carefully!


The walks are timed with each beat of the music so that you arrive at each point correctly and get you back to the starting point on time too. You may take as many breaks as you like to enjoy the scenery, but make sure to restart your track at the same location as you paused it on. Enjoy!


Promenade (Everybody’s Free) can be downloaded via the Creative West End website:

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