Cross Bay Walks

Unfortauntely, due to current circumstances, all Cross Bay Walks have been cancelled for 2020. Hopefully they will be able to return in 2021.


Cross Bay Walks are internationally renowned for their historic value and people have been crossing the sands with a royally-appointed guide since the 1500s as well as their unique scenery and wildlife.

Taking part in a Cross Bay Walk is an exceptional way to enjoy the stunning beauty of Morecambe Bay. Crossing the sands with an experienced and knowledgeable guide is the only way to traverse the ever-changing flats and channels, and this amazing experience is a must for visitors to the area.

A programme of walks is available from The Guide Over Sands Trust.

Usually starting from Arnside and ending at Kent’s Bank, these guided walks cross the sands through the channels of the Kent River. The walks are between 6 and 8 miles, depending on the route taken, and they are suitable for any children and adults who are comfortable walking for 3-4 hours. Please ensure you book on an organised walk and bring suitable clothing, footwear, sun/wet weather protection and water.

*** PLEASE NOTE: Cross Bay Walks may be cancelled due to inhospitable tidal conditions in the bay – please check with the organising charity that the walk is taking place before travelling to the start point. ***

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