Spotlight on Gill’s Pantry

Gill’s Pantry is a sandwich bar in Morecambe serving breakfast, lunch and Mexican takeaway.

We spoke with owners Alison Cole and Teresa Kay and here’s what they have to share.


Gill's Pantry

How would you describe Gill’s Pantry?
Gill’s Pantry is a proud women-owned business belonging to Alison Cole and Teresa Kay of Morecambe. We are a sandwich bar open five days a week for breakfast and lunch, and Mexican takeaway on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.

Gill’s is also available to book for all your outside catering needs. Gill’s Pantry opened its doors in 1990 as a confectionary, and was owned by Gillian Shaw until thirteen years ago when her daughter Alison and business partner Teresa became co-owners of the shop in 2008.

Gill’s menu items are crafted using fresh, local produce to support other members of our community and ensure a high-quality customer experience.


What are you excited about in the months and years ahead?
We are excited to see what the future holds for our business and we hope to continue serving our loyal patrons for many years to come. You can visit our shop at 73 Bare Lane Morecambe lancs la4 6rn or find us on the Morecambe Eats app for delivery today! 



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