Best Picnic Spots

Summer is officially here, and what better time is there to dig out that picnic basket, get your family and friends together, and venture out to some of the best picnic spots the district has to offer!

From our stunning local parks, to the breathtaking views out over Morecambe Bay, there are so many fantastic places to put down your blanket and enjoy your lunch. So feel free to visit any of the following spots, just remember to take your rubbish with you.



Morecambe Promenade and Beaches


Morecambe is home to 4.5 miles of promenade, from the Happy Mount Park area, all the way to the historic Heysham Village, with plenty of beaches, cafes and ice cream vans along the way. It’s the absolute perfect place for a stroll in the sunshine and for a wonderful summer picnic. Whether you choose to relax on one of the quieter beaches, or to venture into the bustling area around The Midland Hotel and the Clocktower Cafe, you’re sure to find a fantastic place to break out the picnic blanket!


Happy Mount Park

happy mount park

At one end of Morecambe promenade you’ll find the stunning Happy Mount Park. This family park has plenty of grassland and fields for you to picnic, as well as having a cafe, ice cream van, entertainment like trampolines and a mini-train, as well as a Splash Park to help your little ones cool off in the summer sun. This fantastic place could be the perfect trip out to enjoy a picnic in the summer sunshine.


Regent Park

regent park

A much loved, and well used, park well located in Morecambe’s West End. This family park is home to plenty of grass and benches to enjoy your picnics, a cafe, football pitches and play areas – the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon!


Heysham Head

heysham head

At the other end of Morecambe Promenade, you’ll find the wonderful and historic Heysham Head. Home to the ancient ruins of St Patrick’s Chapel, beaches and grassland, this hidden-away beauty spot is absolutely perfect for a summer picnic. There are plenty of walks through the woodland and down to the beach for you to enjoy, and plenty of amazing history to explore!


Silverdale and Arnside


It’s hard to pin down just one fantastic picnic location from Silverdale and Arnside but we’ll try and list a few stand-out spots. Silverdale has many perfect spots, from the stunning headland of Jenny Brown’s Point and Jack Scout, to the wonderful Silverdale Beach and Cove, a walk along the sea front will showcase many fantastic places to sit in the sunshine. If panoramic views are more your thing, then a hike up to Arnside Knott will reward you with some absolutely stunning views out over Morecambe Bay and up to the Lake District. Arnside itself also has beaches, the Arnside Pier and plenty of shops and cafes, so there are plenty of places to pick up your picnic supplies.



Williamson Park


This stunning park has been a staple of Lancaster life for over 100 years, this old quarry was converted into a park in 19XX and was added to many times, including the stunning Ashton Memorial. The park offers many shaded woodland walks, and plenty of grass to enjoy picnics on with stunning views out over Lancaster and Morecambe Bay. There is also a cafe, toilets, playparks for kids, a mini zoo and a butterfly house.


Priory Field & Amphitheatre

priory amphitheatre

Tucked away behind the imposing Lancaster Castle, and next to the Priory Church, you can find the priory ampitheatre, a fantastic place to sit and enjoy the sights on a warm sunny day. Close by, just through the stile, you can also find the Priory Field, a large grassy area with plenty of room for sitting and basking in the sun. This is the perfect place to visit if you need supplies as it’s only a short walk from Lancaster City Centre.


Ryelands Park

ryland park

Just north of the city centre, over the river Lune, you can find the fantastic Ryelands Park. This large park with open fields has plenty of space to enjoy a picnic and to relax in the sun, as well as a playpark for the kids and football pitches. This park lies only a short walk to local shops and supermarkets, just in case you need picnic supplies!


Quay Meadows


Situated close to Lancaster’s historic St George’s Quay, this meadow offers plenty of grassland for you to enjoy, offering a great place to picnic. There are plenty of walking trails nearby and lies only a short walk away from the city centre. The meadows can be somewhat tricky to find, however. You can find it by heading down the Quay and walking down the side of the Maritime Museum.

This is just a short list of some of our favourite picnic places, but there are so many more across the district just waiting for you to explore!