Feel-Good Food and Drink

The smell of salty fish and chips, the first lick of a dripping ice cream, a cold beer on a hot summer’s day…tastes, textures and smells have the power to take you back to childhood, remind you of a favourite holiday memory or simply bring you joy.

The fruit and vegetables grown, the meat raised and the fish caught reflect the abundant seas and rich farmland of the Morecambe Bay area. Local growers, producers and retailers make the most of this bounty to bring us these delicious treats from around the bay!


veg box

Buy Local

Local fruit and veg growers, delicious home-smoked fish and cured meats, locally roasted and ground coffees – browse our list of local producers and suppliers and buy local from your own home!


Tasty Treats

Chocolate isn’t just for children in Morecambe Bay! Producers around the bay create tasty treats with tempting flavours using delicious and indulgent ingredients.


Breweries and Distilleries

Local gins and beers are also big business in Morecambe Bay – discover some of the breweries and distilleries using local ingredients to produce incredible new blends and flavours.


Fish and Chips

What’s more quintessentially British than the taste of fish and chips at the seaside? A stroll on the beach then a chippy tea – nothing could be better!