Spotlight on Stephensons Dairy

Stephensons Dairy delivers free-range milk and chilled dairy products to homes and businesses across the North West.

In a move away from intensive farming, free-range milk means cows are grazed outside for at least half the year. Farmers are paid more per litre so we can start to build a sustainable dairy industry in this country. Because above all, we want to enjoy British milk for years to come.

We spoke with directors (and husband and wife) Steph and Chris Stephenson and here’s what they have to share.

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How would you describe Stephensons Dairy in a line or two?
Stephensons Dairy are proud pioneers of free-range milk. Working side by side with local partners and suppliers means that Stephensons has full knowledge of where the milk comes from and what happens to it from field to fridge.


What was the inspiration behind starting Stephensons Dairy?
To add value to the great-tasting milk produced by small grassland farmers at a time where milk was regarded as a ‘white water’ commodity with little value.

What was Stephensons Dairy like in the early days?
Tough – a lot of people in the dairy industry thought we were bonkers! We spent a great deal of time and energy building up a strong collaboration of people to work with who shared the same pioneering ideas about the concept of free-range milk. We began to explore working with local dairy farmers and processors to provide a different product for the people we serve.

Our main focus was to bring free-range milk to market.


How has Stephensons Dairy evolved over the years?
There is growing demand for an ethical and affordable choice in milk. We are adding much-needed value to milk at the farm gate and winning the hearts and minds of our customers.

We are also winning growing recognition from doorstep deliveries, chefs, independent coffee shops and award-winning artisan coffee roasters that our free-range milk is adding value to their businesses.

What are you excited about in the months and years ahead?
Our business is founded in the Morecambe Bay community and we would be nothing without our local customers and collaborators. From our roots as a doorstep delivery business, we are pleased to supply to a growing range of customers, independent coffee shops and restaurants across the North West who care about the quality of the ingredients they use.

We will continue to work with wholesalers, producers and manufacturers to develop cheese, butter and ice cream from free-range milk.


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