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Combine shopping and sightseeing at Morecambe’s Festival Market – a traditional covered market situated close to Morecambe Promenade and easily accessible with an adjoining car park.

Offering over 80 stalls selling an enormous selection of products, with some you would expect to find in a market and others unique to us, you are sure to find what you are looking for. There are two welcoming cafes serving homemade meals and cakes and onsite public toilets.

The market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm and all bank holidays from Easter to August.

In the coming weeks, Explore Morecambe Bay is shining the spotlight on some of the brilliant independent businesses in our Lancashire region.

This time, it’s Morecambe Games! Morecambe Games sells video games, consoles, accessories, most things movie and game related and all things retro from Morecambe Festival Market.

We spoke with owner Jamil Smith and here’s what he has to share.


How would you describe Morecambe Games in a line or two?
We are a local family run video game retailer stocking a huge range of new, used, retro games, console and accessories. Whether you’re looking for the latest titles or an obscure collectable, our aim is to have you feeling like a kid in a sweet shop whenever you visit.


What was the inspiration behind starting Morecambe Games?
I have always been a die hard gamer and collector myself, so I wanted to share that with a wider community.

Growing up I was always in the local video game store or arcade, but as an adult these stores seemed to disappear, finding them was few and far between so I was passionate about creating one of my own.

morecambe games

What was Morecambe Games like in the early days?
Not much different really, from day one we were set on creating our vision of a fun and exciting place for the gamers, young and old, and have been committed to that ever since.


How has Morecambe Games evolved over the years?
Over the years we have been able to make many new contacts within the industry, which has enabled us to expand our range into collectables, figures, plushies, and many more quirky, unusual items, all linked to your favourite games.

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What are you excited about in the coming months and years ahead?
We are always excited to meet new customers and will be looking to expand to a website in the near future. We will also be travelling further afield to bring in more unique and niche stock.


Now that you can once again return to our beloved high streets, please remember to support and shop local.

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