Spotlight on Shackleton’s of Bare

A trip to Morecambe wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the fabulous food and drink offering in the town.

It was a pleasure to talk to Gill from Shackletons of Bare this week to uncover what this kitchen and wine bar on the iconic Princes Crescent offers to visitors (and locals, too!).

Tell us a bit about your business…
We are a wine bar/kitchen amongst a local Crescent of shops and businesses located on Princes Crescent in Bare, Morecambe. We are a family-run business with myself Gill, husband Steve, and children Alex, Anya, and Rory, not forgetting the grandparents and other family members who help out when needed. Stephen Kerr is our chef/manager who is bringing a wealth of experience to our food offering, continuing with our established sharing boards and incorporating new specials every week, including a range of seasonal dishes alongside the traditional coffee and a cake to cover everyone’s needs and tastes. The casual workforce has been with us since opening and is a valuable asset to the business. Having previously been in the electrical business in the local area and being well known around the town, this has helped to put Shackletons on the map.

What inspired the beginnings of Shackleton’s of Bare?
Being very distantly related to the Great Explorer Ernest Shackleton and the need for something which was missing on the Crescent, we felt that a wine bar/eatery would complement the existing establishments and create a night out in Bare. Shackleton is the maiden name of Steve’s mum and wonderful Nana who we hold in great esteem. She would be very proud of the business as it is today. Business is proving to be a success for people within the locality but we are also hosting people travelling from the outside area to share and enjoy the Shackletons Experience and also enjoy the other bars locally! Our early days as an electrical business started on Princes Crescent and it is fitting to return there, albeit in a different enterprise, although we do hold the original telephone number 01524 411913, of Steve’s grandparent’s business on the Crescent.

What can we expect to see from Shackleton’s of Bare in the coming months/years?
We pride ourselves on quality, service, and a warm friendly atmosphere. Regularly adapting and hosting specialty wines, specialty menus, and starting in March we are hosting our first wine tasting charity event which we hope to continue on a regular basis with a gin tasting night scheduled also for the near future. Over the Christmas period, we successfully hosted some work and private social events, including an engagement, retirement & 60th birthday party to name a few, showing that Shackleton’s appeals to all age groups. We hope to expand and develop our offerings over the coming months.

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