Spotlight on Barbara’s Wools

Barbara’s Wools is a shop offering everything you need for knitting, sewing and crafting, along with lots of bows and bling.

We spoke with Zoe Greenfield, owner Barbara’s daughter and social media coordinator, and here’s what she has to share.


How would you describe Barbara’s Wools in a line or two?
An Aladdin’s cave of all things crafty with an added bit of bling!


What was the inspiration behind starting Barbara’s Wools?
It was a hobby of Barbara’s which she developed into a business.


What was Barbara’s Wools like in the early days?
A market stall that travelled around the area in a trailer.

How has Barbara’s Wools evolved over the years?
It’s matured over 30 years from a small stall to the shop it is today.


What are you excited about in the months and years ahead?
Seeing how crafts, including knitting, crochet and sewing are becoming more popular with all generations and genders – and not just a “granny hobby”!

What is your most popular selling craft item?
All the yarn from your basic to fancy and unusual


What is your favourite craft item and thing to make with it?
The possibilities are endless, from small projects to large. A cushion cover, a scarf, a jumper or dress. There are no limits!



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