Support Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay is a precious and unique landscape and we welcome your help to preserve it. So how can you help? There are lots of ways, big and small, that you can help to keep the bay beautiful for wildlife to live here and people to visit.


While visiting

  • Take your litter home with you
  • Keep to designated footpaths
  • Ensure countryside gates are closed behind you
  • Please don’t have barbeques or light fires
  • Don’t go out into the bay without a designated and experienced guide
  • Refrain from picking wildflowers and plants or taking stones from the the shore – take only photos!


Help with Beach Cleans

Morecambe Bay Partnership runs regular beach cleans and they’d love to see you – it’s a great way to help your local environment, meet new people, and get some fresh air!

Equipment (pickers, gloves, bags) is provided at every event, so all you need to do is dress for the weather and wear some sturdy shoes. Children are always welcome but under-18s do need to be accompanied by an adult. All events begin at 10am and last 1.5 – 2 hours.

There are regular beach cleans from March to October at:

  • Morecambe Lodge
  • Hest Bank
  • Sunderland Point
  • Middleton Towers
  • Potts Corner


morecambe beach


Donate to Support the Bay

Morecambe Bay is beautiful but people must be careful on its shifting sands and in its choppy waters.

  • Morecambe RNLI’s Lifeboat and Hovercraft are invaluable in the fast tides and on the mudflats of the bay. Their experienced crews do a sterling job keeping people safe in the bay – whether they are enjoying leisure time or making a living on the sea. You can donate to the RNLI here.
  • Bay Search and Rescue is a volunteer team and charity based in Flookburgh. Its highly-trained crew and specialist rescue vehicles work alongside the other emergency services to ensure people use and enjoy the bay safely. Donate to Bay Search and Rescue.
  • Donate to Morecambe Bay Partnership. Your gift will care for nature and heritage sites, create new access routes, and celebrate the environment through art. One of the current projects being funded is to save the habitats and nesting sites of the curlew. This beautiful bird with its haunting cry is one of the iconic sights of Morecambe Bay.




Volunteer as a Conservationist

Do you have a passion for the environment? Archaeology? Birds? Disabled access? Being outdoors? If you share a love for the Bay, you can help through volunteering for one of Morecambe Bay Partnership’s projects, which help to care for the unique and special landscape of Morecambe Bay by preserving the nature and heritage, cleaning up the landscape and supporting people to get out and about into the countryside.


Volunteer tasks include:

  • Clearing litter from beaches
  • Maintaining cycleways and routes for all-terrain mobility scooters
  • Recording oral histories
  • Protecting habitats for roosting and nesting birds


Find out more about each of the projects:


Become a Citizen Scientist

Feel connected by getting involved in some global research project – from right here in Morecambe Bay! Collecting data on what and where plastics are causing problems is essential to creating solutions to remove the most harmful of them from our landscape. Here are two easy ways for you to get involved:

1. The Big Microplastic Survey
This is a quick and easy survey to take part in – and a great outdoor science lesson. You need a little bit of kit, but nothing that can’t be found around the house. Click the link above to find out more. We find that each survey takes about 30 minutes – easily fit into a day at the beach. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos! @MBP_projects or @LoveMyBeachMBP

2. Birds and Debris
Morecambe Bay is so special for coastal birds, but sadly plastic is a big problem for them. Whether it’s ingestion or entanglement, it’s important to find out what types of plastic is most deadly for the birds of Morecambe Bay, so we can work towards targeted preventative measures. In this citizen science project, all you need is a smartphone. If you discover an entangled bird or bird nest, you can submit a photo to the link above. This adds the sighting to a worldwide database, and will contribute to important global research to prevent this unnecessary danger to our wildlife.


Volunteer for the RSPB

The RSPB works closely with its valuable team of volunteers to maintain the reserves, communicate with members and visitors, liaise with the media, fundraise, interpret and inform on-site, help run events and groups – and lots more! Whatever your talent, skill or interest there is sure to be a volunteering opportunity that will suit you. Some can even be done from home! You can browse for opportunities here.